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aller voter pour mad wurdz!!!!!! et les battle graff svp!!!


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MessageSujet: Reach your dream   Reach your dream EmptyMar 27 Sep - 15:42

I remember back in those dayz
smokin green with no faith
still bouncin'on hip hop crazy shit spray
we looze tupac ' he will come back one day ...
the game has hard shot! hard bucks so who gonna spark ?
who gonna shine in ya mind one last time in the dark
I use jedi mind to clean my crane of the deadly steam
I bring to the scene
Im here to freeze the cream disturb the word...
now ya heard the burst ya nerves are leakin'
so calm down mutherfuckin I lock down the reason
is the season of killin demon leave em' sleepin
Ive got no time for repeatin' only to dance wit the night
the sharpin' large knife into ya sight!
ya paralyze like when mooncollapse wit light
cowardly not usin shooters wit sniper to let die life
irak people never deserve it but still the devil make u eat bulshit
ur worthless before my bite I leave ya head strap to a wall wit a spike
let this fake paradize giv u some advice crush ya existence like bible
revoltin' cuz they dont understood their parasites ..blood bath upon this mic
prayin' im not real .. im no freddy kruger I stab ya luvly end
keep it highskill for meal til I reach ya dream turn ya team into sand
kill those who pretend desperados forever U cant save
me from battles to protect this land either play my role so watch ya soul before
some killah wrote in ur scroll ya destiny could be finish rapidly ... representin the
highblunteefamilly PEaz to jEe aigh..

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Reach your dream
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