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aller voter pour mad wurdz!!!!!! et les battle graff svp!!!


 God doesn't know...loll

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Date d'inscription : 22/02/2005

God doesn't know...loll Empty
MessageSujet: God doesn't know...loll   God doesn't know...loll EmptyVen 16 Sep - 16:26

Young kid growing in this music buiz
he knows how to deal! to show ovah the mic some skill
but still not ready the mutherfuckin style keep it steady
Im fucken heavy u couldn erase me or either reply A new lie
I stomp ya cry and let the deadly steam survive
Id smoke mcs like green and fertallize the steam
immortalize the vibe so life evaporate need to pick up
someone ur age ..My phaze burry u alive in a grave
scare ya shade leave ur carcass leakin after I burn the surface
cut headz lyrycly without no blade My spiritz drain the pain
under ya skin im the awakin sin always tight and spin ovah
my mouth I spit clearly from the north to da south to this
microphone who freeze ya soul
break ya bones!! in the night
u stand alone wit ur fake phone
U arent aloud to clone but u do by materialistic wayz
leave god dyin in the sky and humanityz hate...
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God doesn't know...loll
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